Our Story

ClayMates, the brain child of Roger Johnson and the ClayMates Company has been spear headed by Roger’s son Matt Johnson. Roger is a gifted artist with a creative mind, artisan level skill and years of business experience. Matt, growing up on the heels of his father has followed in his foot-steps as an entrepreneur. Matt, has worked with children for over 30 years with a life-long focus on the    development of resiliency, character building, self-confidence, and self-advocacy in children. Matt is a leader in the community where he sits on the board of SPARKindness and chairs their Resilient Athlete Program.

We have seen ClayMates in action being used by children, teachers, therapists and families and folks love them!

Children naturally enjoy creating the figures and bringing them to life through their imagination. Teachers and therapist are using them as a creative platform for social and emotional development and understanding. The act of role-playing and the expression of emotion through imagination broaden the spectrum of conversation, inquiry and discovery that is enlightening, non-threatening and supportive. Parents and families are using them to enhance their connections with one another through playful interaction that allows parents to address familial topics such as chores, manners, listening and opens the door for children to express their needs and to have a voice within the family dynamic.